Kathryn Weld


Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ph.D.in Algebraic Topology - Graduate School
and University Center of the City University of N.Y.
B.A. State University of N.Y. at Potsdam



Research and Learning - Room 201-I



718 862-7152




Spuyten Duyvil Undergraduate Mathematics Conference-- Founder and 2011 Director:


SDUMC is an undergraduate mathematics conference that is held annually in the greater metropolitan area. Funded by an NFS-DUE grant, it offers undergraduates an opportunity to present mathematical research of topics of interest to their peers.

SDUMC VI will be held at Manhattan College on April 2, 2011. The keynote speaker will be William Pulleyblank.

For more information visithttp://home.manhattan.edu/~spuytenduyvil/

Research Interests:


In graduate school at the Graduate School and University Center of C.U.N.Y., I studied Algebraic Topology with Eldon Dyer. More recently my research interests have turned to algebraic graph theory and mathematical biology. My current pedagogical interests is in teaching the capstone course for the major, Problem Seminar.



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