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Manhattan College
Bilingual Extension/Advanced Certificate
in School Counseling


Program Overview

Completion of this program and passage of both a written and expressive Language Fluency examination enables students to become certified as bilingual school counselors. The Extension certificate applies to any Manhattan College School Counseling student. The advanced certificate applies to anyone who already has a Master’s in School Counseling from another institution and wants to obtain the certificate in order to be eligible for certification as a bilingual counselor. Both programs include 15 credits for the certificate. Counseling students will take a 15 credit sequence which will include an internship and two courses related to Special Education since Bilingual School Counselors are often called upon to provide mandated services to children with special needs.


A downloadable application may be found at:

Please write in “Bilingual Certificate in School Counseling” under Certificates if it is not there. Also, please send 1 letter of intent, a letter of recommendation, and an official graduate transcript if you are not in the Manhattan College School Counseling Program.
Below are the names and descriptions of our courses.


Required Courses (15 Credits)

EDUG 802 - Foundations, Theory, and Practice of Bilingual General and Special education
This course examines the basic foundations, theories and practices related to bilingual education including the historical, political, and legal foundations. Theories, literature, and research related to multicultural practice as educators and/or counselors will be explored. The course will also include exposure to the social and cultural foundations of ethnicity, race, and gender as they relate to practice as teachers or counselors. Different models of bilingual programs including their psycholinguistic principles will be explored.
Three Credits

- Will also include  Special Education students


EDUG 816 - Approaches to Counseling Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students
This course will focus on the development of general techniques for counseling and the use of techniques specifically applicable to diverse populations and populations who are linguistically different. A case study approach will be used.
Three Credits


EDUG 817 - Cross Cultural Counseling: Multicultural Issues in the Schools
This course will focus on issues in multicultural counseling in urban multiethnic educational and human services settings. Awareness of and sensitivity to social and cultural influences in counseling and in consultation services provided by counselors will be emphasized. Included will be exploration of characteristics of clients from diverse ethnic groups and their impact on counseling strategies. Course will include an experiential assessment component and consultation.
Three Credits


EDUG 810 - Bilingual & Multicultural Assessment of the bilingual & multicultural student
This course will focus on the development of competencies in multidisciplinary assessment of linguistically and culturally diverse students with a specific emphasis on general and special education students with limited English proficiency (LEP). The course will also focus on the understanding of the relationship of the linguistic and cultural influences of major racial and/or ethnic groups and their communication patterns. Formal and informal assessment of behavioral functioning and its relationship to academic functioning is included. Non discriminatory assessment and the development of both an instructional plan (IEP) and a related counseling plan will be required of counselors and special education teachers. A clinical requirement of 10 hours is included.
Three Credits

- Will also include  Special Education students


EDUG 819 - Internship: Bilingual and Multicultural Interventions for  Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students
Provides the student with an experience in gaining more knowledge of and experience in providing appropriate interventions to culturally and linguistically diverse clients. Case conceptualization and consultation, and understanding of leadership and organizational roles in relation to providing best practices for optimal schooling for culturally diverse and linguistically different students.
Three Credits






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