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  Leaders know and understand what it means and what it takes to be a leader
Leadership is the act of identifying important goals and then motivating and enabling others to devote themselves and all necessary resources to achievement. It includes summoning one’s self and others to learn and adapt to the new situation represented by the goal.

-NYS essential 1.


Leadership at-a-glance
Expected Outcomes
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No longer is school a place where teachers teach and students learn - the paradigm has changed. School is a place where learning takes place -- where everyone learns, and where everyone learns from everyone else. As a result, the school leader’s role has changed, too.

The Graduate Program in School Building Leadership at Manhattan College is responding to global, social, economic, and educational trends to address that changed role. It produces school leaders who know how to be collaborative, principle-centered, life long learners.

Course work in Being a Learning Leader is infused with
  · experiential and collaborative learning
  · action research
  · technology

This means a commitment to learning that takes place in many ways: formally and informally, experientially and reflectively, through networking with colleagues, participating in workshops, conferences, and by doing formal course work.
Being a Learning Leader is a program at Manhattan College designed to enhance, enrich, and be influenced by the skills and experiences of its participants. With the contribution of your experience, being a Learning Leader will remain collegial, responsive and effective.

We welcome you to join us!

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